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A significant aspect of Griego Professional Service’s success is industry specialization.  Our professionals have undertaken a major commitment to serve our governmental client base and our staffing on each engagement is commensurate with that commitment. 

We undertake a major commitment to expand our governmental client base, and our staffing is commensurate with that commitment.


Whether you are a start up business, a small, growing business, a large corporation or a governmental entity, the highly skilled professionals of Griego Professional Services will prove to be an invaluable team member to your organization. We can perform payroll, banking, check writing, assistance with financial statements, and monthly write-up services at a fraction of the cost of a fulltime employee. This is a great benefit for entities that are behind in filing their reports or have lost a key member of their accounting staff.

On all our engagements, our staff becomes familiar with your needs, accounting systems, and procedures. Frequently, our team can help you identify opportunities for more effective tax planning, better controls, and other matters affecting your budget.

With our many years of experience in the governmental industry, our professionals understand the needs of your organization and possess the experience and the knowledge to meet those needs. We have aligned our strategies to focus on a key number of governmental areas including day-to-day operations and financial statement preparation under GASB 34. This allows us to become experts on the complex issues that you face each day and to provide you with the most advanced and informed solutions.


A one-hour annual financial planning meeting with one of our professionals designed for you to discuss the financial issues most important to you. Some sample topics include:

  • Budget
  • Cash Flows
  • Taxes
  • Short and Long-term Goals

This annual financial checkup is designed as an objective conversation regarding your needs, resources, goals and objectives. It provides a personal opportunity for you to ask questions, discuss your job or lifestyle changes and review last year's planning.



Let’s face it: audits are both necessary and in most cases mandatory, but they are also an intrusion on your organization. We know that technical skill and budgetary awareness might get us in the door. But we also know that it’s our understanding and awareness of the human beings in your organization that will help to get us invited back. That means we need to do what we say we’ll do, we need to meet your deadlines, and we need to stay within your budgetary guidelines. We are very committed to doing exactly that. As such, our audits are not training grounds for new accountants. Each of the key professionals serving you has extensive experience auditing, accounting, consulting and other services. All are ready to help you. Equally important, you will find that our team members are sensitive people responsible for conducting your daily operations.

When you contract your auditing and consulting needs with us, we guarantee to build a strong relationship through responsive service by knowledgeable professionals. Our professionals are ready to assist you in the daily challenges you encounter with your operations and to help you plan for the future. You can count on us to stay current on new regulations and accounting practices in the governmental arena and to provide you with practical, yet innovative solutions.

Our firm has strong experience auditing many kinds of government entities. On a very practical and hands-on level, our work in this area has taught us much about the issues that governmental organizations face, the intricacies of your operations, and the challenges to be overcome.

Most every organization has had the unfortunate experience of working with an audit firm that either cannot or does not provide the appropriate level of staffing, resources, and service. The firm is either too large, with a revolving door of auditors serving the client, or too small to provide the right level of intellectual capital needed to help clients improve. We believe the Griego Professional Services’ size and business model will serve your organization very well. With two partners and thirteen team members, our firm has all the audit resources you will need, but without the bloated overhead and staffing instability of some larger firms.

Members of Griego Professional Services, LLC have been performing audits for governmental, not-for-profit as well as small and medium-sized businesses for many years. All of our supervising professionals have extensive audit experience. In addition to serving on the engagement teams for our governmental clients, each of our professional staff members has attended various educational seminars on accounting and auditing requirements. All of our professionals regularly exceed the minimum annual requirements for continuing education.

An audit is our highest level of assurance, involving sampling, testing of records, confirmation of data and an objective look at your accounting and management controls. Our professionals have audited more than fifteen governmental entities in 2005 alone, allowing us to have the expertise to develop and maintain advanced audit methodologies for the benefit of our clients.

At GPS, we look at the audit process as an opportunity to provide input to improve your operation's profitability. Our professionals work with our tax and management-consulting specialists in developing an understanding of each client's business operations in order to achieve maximum efficiency and to bring value to our clients.

We recognize that the transition between accounting firms is expensive. GPS is committed to deliver our service with minimal disruption to your people and cost to your organization. A key element in achieving this goal is our professional service team that will continue meaningful, ongoing communications with the organization’s management and accounting staff.



Griego Professional Services, LLC is subject to the AICPA's peer review requirements and has received an unqualified report for each peer review performed. Griego Professionals Services, LLC is also a proud member of the New Mexico Society of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review Committee. As such, Griego Professional Services performs peer review for CPA firms to help ensure that the qualities of the CPA profession are upheld.

Griego Professional Services itself is a member of the AICPA's Government Audit Quality Center (GAQC); therefore our peer review will satisfy the GAQC membership requirement that you engage a GAQC member to complete the peer review of your firm's governmental audits. In addition, Griego Professional Services, LLC maintains an approved firm profile with the New Mexico State Auditor’s Office. The profile ensures our governmental clients that our professionals meet and exceed the quality continuing education and experience requirements that your organization must insist upon.



Griego Professional Services, LLC maintains and utilizes our experience and expertise to assist your business in determining or preventing fraudulent activities. Whether in turbulent economic times or not, fraudulent activities by employees and others within your organization can be costly and detrimental to your organization. As a business owner or operator, you have worked too hard building a business to see it infected by selfish deeds of another. When this does occur, we will assist in determining the damage; however, as they say in sports, “the best offense is a good defense.” Griego Professional Services, LLC will review your organizational controls and help your organization prevent loss due to fraud.

We maintain a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff to assist you in these times of need and suspicion. We are proud to be a part of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and look forward to assisting your organization in this capacity.



Griego Professional Services, LLC will provide expert Business Manager Services for your charter school or school district. We have a team of New Mexico Certified Business Managers to handle your needs. As you know, Charter Schools and School Districts alike need quality individuals to handle daily, monthly, quarterly and annual financial requirements of the School or District. In these cases, why not utilize individuals that know both the operational and audit side of your business. Yes, business! Operating and maintaining a School is a difficult task. There are numerous educational requirements that must be addressed. You should not have to worry that the Schools financial requirements are not being meet. We will assist you in meeting those requirements by providing your School with expert assistance and advice in:

  • Financial Management
  • Cash and General Ledger Reconciliation
  • Budget Analysis and Preparation
  • Payroll processing and assistance
  • Annual Audit Preparation and Guidance
  • Internal control analysis and implementation
  • Governing Council Training
  • State Statute Analysis and Guidance
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Administrative Training
  • Financial Training

In addition to the services listed above, Griego Professional Services maintain extensive experience operating Visions and AptaFunds accounting software systems and will help your School utilize these programs to their maximum capacities.

Our professionals have the experience and education to be your resource to financial stability. We offer full Business Manager Service packages and partial packages based on the needs of your organization.

Contact J.J. Griego, CPA at jgriego@gpsaccounting.com to discuss your Business Manager requirements.


SPECIALTIES: School Districts | Municipalities


Our specialization has allowed our staff to develop expertise and become very familiar with issues and concerns of school districts and their related entities.  Many of the school districts have entities considered by the State Auditor to be component units; as such, Griego Professional Services has experience implementing GASB #39 and performing procedures unique to school districts.  Our professionals meet regularly to monitor and discuss accounting, consulting, economic and political trends affecting school districts.  This allows us to determine how we, as a firm, will respond to those trends and how they will affect our clients. We have aligned our strategies to focus on a key number of areas important to school districts; such as day-to-day operations including state law compliance, state audit rule compliance, financial statement preparation and understanding of computer software utilized by school districts.  This allows us to become experts on the complex issues that you face each day and to provide you with the most advanced and informed solutions.

Some of the types of engagements we have performed for School Districts are:

  • Audits
  • Fixed asset reconciliations and observations
  • Financial accounting system recommendations
  • CAFR Certificate of Excellence Filings
  • GASB #34 through #52 Implementation
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual PED reports
  • Monthly supervision over closings and reporting

Our professionals are trained through formal education as well as job experience.  We provide our professionals with governmental entity specific continuing professional education. An entry-level class familiarizes new professionals with governmental entities and their basic audit differences.  Our experienced professionals attend multiple courses on an annual basis to ensure we are informed to better assist our clients. This eliminates the need for our professionals to be trained by our clients.



Counties have their own unique services. They encompass large geographical areas and provide law enforcement, road maintenance, fire services, drainage, detention and courts to their residence.

Our specialization has allowed our staff to develop expertise and become very familiar with issues and concerns of governmental entities, including municipalities.  Many of our municipal clients have water, sewer, and gas utilities that service from 3,000 to 10,000 customers and as such, Griego Professional Services has experience with these unique audit areas.  Our professionals meet regularly to monitor and discuss accounting, consulting, economic and political trends affecting governmental entities.  This allows us to determine how we, as a firm, will respond to those trends and how they will affect our clients. We are versed in new accounting and regulatory guidance; changing technology needs and constant vigilance for cost savings are just some of the challenges you are facing on a daily basis.  We strive at assisting you to provide solutions to these challenges. 


We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation. We provide you with an organizer package that is designed to assist with the gathering of your tax return data. Griego Professional Services, LLC will meet with you between January 1st and April 5th to discuss your return and the possible tax implication that may affect you.

As indicated above, we are a full-service tax office; available to you at anytime of the year. Griego Professional Services, LLC provides you with experienced, educated, bi-lingual Certified Public Accountant's (CPA's) and staff, motivated to assist you. Contact us with your past, present or future tax concerns.

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"Very interesting, liked that the auditor was involved. Used real life situations."



















"Topic was presented in such a manner as to clarify areas where
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